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In 2024, the global political and economic situation remains turbulent with factors such as wars, elections, and interest rate cuts continuously impacting the market. Stock and commodity markets are volatile frequently. In face of such complicated macro environment, how about the status quo of cotton textile enterprises? In 2023/24 season, the cotton supply and demand situation is gradually becoming clearer. What changes will the supply and demand situation bring in the upcoming new season? How will the new cotton procurement situation unfold? With changes in industrial policies in Xinjiang, how do the operating conditions of spinners in Xinjiang and outside Xinjiang differ? What are the future trends?

Under the new retail model, the upstream and midstream industry is disturbed by the seasonality. How can yarn and fabric enterprises grasp the rhythm? How can traditional industries integrate with the internet and futures tools to seek new order and pricing models? New rules for cotton yarn futures have been introduced. What are the changes and how should they be interpreted? Addressing but not limited to the above hot topics, Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd ( and will host 2024 China Cotton Textile Forum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang on June 21, 2024, inviting elites from all sectors to gather, promote industry collaboration, and work together for development.

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Registration:P.M. June 20, 2024
Forum: June 21, 2024


New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, China(Grand Dynasty Hall, 4F)★★★★★
(No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)

Conference Fee

600 USD /person, incl. conference meals, conference documents(English version); excl. accommodation

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Twin-bed Room: RMB 580/room/day
King size bed room: RMB 650/room/day


Contact: Tracy Zheng

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A full refund will be available if written-form cancellation to us is done before June 7, 2024


A.M. June 21
08:50-09:00 ● Opening speech
09:00-10:00 ● Analysis and outlook on macroeconomic situation——Wang Yang, institute director assistant of Shenyin & Wanguo Futures
Wang Yang, Director Assistant of SWS Research Co., Ltd., a senior macro analyst, holds a Ph.D. in Finance, CFA, FRM, with fifteen years of experience in macro and derivative research. He is a lecturer for the Shanghai Financial Talent Lecturer Team of the Shanghai Financial Work Committee of the Communist Party of China. He has been awarded as an outstanding macro analyst by the Shanghai Futures Exchange for multiple years and as the best macro strategy analyst by the Futures Daily. His research focuses on macroeconomics, policies, asset allocation, and derivatives.
10:00-10:30 ● Global and U.S. cotton market outlook——Graham Soley, Economist of USDA
Graham Soley is currently an Agricultural Economist at the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He participates in USDA’s monthly WASDE publication as part of the cotton committee, and previously developed forecasts and estimates for grains and oilseeds. Graham also interned for the agency in Seoul, South Korea, in addition to working as a TDY employee in Beijing. He received both his BS and MS in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky.
10:30-10:50 ● Tea break
10:50-11:20 ● Risk and opportunities in the Chinese cotton market in 2024/25——Liu Miao , Manager of research and investment of Grand Flow Resources
Liu Miao, engaged in cotton futures research and trading for more than ten years, has worked in a famous investment institution and a large entity enterprise in cotton industry chain, responsible for cotton research, cotton futures trading, etc.
11:20-12:00 ● Round-table discussion: Analysis of cotton market supply and demand and trading opportunities in 2024/25——Tongzhou Cotton Trade, Chinatex Cotton, Xingyu Textile, Viterra Trading, Hubei Yinfeng Cotton, Hebei Xindadong Textile

Wei Gangmin
Chairman of Henan Tongzhou Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.
Vice President of China Cotton Association
Vice President of China Cotton Textile Association.

Wang Wenbo
Vice General Manager of the Cotton Market Research Department,
Chinatex Cotton Limited

Guo Chao
General Manager of Hebei Xingyu Textile Material Co., Ltd.

Fang Xiaoqin
General Manager of China Cotton Division, Viterra Trading Co., Ltd.

Wu Zhen
Director of Operations, Hubei Yinfeng Cotton Co., Ltd.

Kong Jia (Host)
Raw Materials Manager of Hebei Xindadong Textile Co., Ltd.
P.M. June 21
14:00-14:30 ● Analysis of Lyocell market pattern and downstream applications——Yu Hanjiang, Chairman of Lyocell branch of the China Chemical Fiber Association
Yu Hanjiang, a male of Han ethnicity, is a professor-level senior engineer with a degree in Chemical Fiber from Hebei University of Science and Technology. Currently, he is employed at General Technology High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd., where he is responsible for the Lyocell and Spunlace Nonwoven sectors. With over 30 years of experience in the regenerated cellulose fiber industry, Yu has held roles in production management, project construction, scientific research, and investment and mergers and acquisitions. He has successfully led multiple provincial and national projects, earning several prestigious awards. Yu Hanjiang also serves as the President of the Lyocell Branch of the China Chemical Fibers Association, contributing significantly to the industry's development and innovation.
14:30-15:15 ● New pattern of yarn production and distribution, sharing of purchasing and sales experience——Zheng Shengwei, Department Manager of Xiamen ITG
Zheng Shengwei has been engaged in industrial research for many years and is currently employed at Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co., Ltd. He is mainly involved in the integrated project services of the entire industry chain from cotton to clothing supply chain, involving the operation of textile raw material futures and spot trading, deep participation in textile delivery business, and arbitrage strategy research. He has delivered commentary speeches at domestic and international textile, yarn, and fiber conferences multiple times, led teams to conduct in-depth research on the industrial chain, and assisted enterprises in advancing comprehensive projects such as industrial expansion into Xinjiang and overseas.
15:15-15:55 ● Downstream round-table discussion: Exploring end-users'orders and future demand trends——Black Peony (Group), Zhejiang Xinhai Textiles, Dishang Group, Xiamen ITG, CCFGroup

Zhu RongPing
Executive Vice President of Black Peony (Group) Co., Ltd

Qiu Haibin
Chairman of the Lanxi City Federation of Industry and Commerce
Chairman of Zhejiang Xinhai Textiles Co., Ltd

Sun Yong
General Manager of Textile New Materials Center, Dishang Group Center Co., Ltd

Zheng Shengwei(Host)
Department Manager of Xiamen ITG

Cheng Sujing
Lead analyst of CCFGroup
15:55-16:10 ● Tea break
16:10-16:40 ● Current status and future outlook of Vietnamese cotton textile industry——Duong Thuy Linh,Vice Secretary General and Head of External Relations of VCOSA
Ms. Thuy Linh brings a wealth of experience to the textile industry. Ms. Linh fosters strong relationships with government bodies and stakeholders across the industry, leveraging her expertise in external relations and research analysis. Her successful leadership in conducting research, surveys and presentations on industry challenges is evident in her participation as a speaker at prominent events like Texfuture Vietnam, Vietnam International Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition...etc. In 2024, she finished a research project examining the deforestation and legality risks associated with African cotton imports from Vietnam, which allowed her to extend to other research about the cotton supply chain from different countries to Vietnam.
16:40-17:20 ● Discussion on market structure and development trends of China's cotton industry chain——Cheng Sujing, Lead analyst of CCFGroup
Cheng Sujing, lead analyst of CCFGroup, is currently responsible for cotton products, in charge of the related information services of cotton, cotton yarn, cotton fabric, textile and apparel. She has more than ten years of research experience in cotton product chain, and has a unique perspective in the analysis, understanding and judgment of the industrial chain. With excellent ability of industry analysis, consultation and research, she has been invited to attend large-scale industry meetings and issued theme reports many times. The Cotton Textile Forum (Imported Yarn Forum) led by her team has been successfully held for twelve consecutive sessions and has been recognized by people in the industry, with a strong influence.
Note: Topics are subject to final adjustment

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2024 China Cotton Textile Forum
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2024 China Cotton Textile Forum hosted by ( will be held at New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou during June 20-21,2024.
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