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Discussion on the development trend of cotton chain products in China
——Cheng Sujing, Lead analyst of CCFGroup

2023-07-07 10:25:21

Cheng Sujing, Lead analyst of CCFGroup delivered her report Discussion on the development trend of cotton chain products in China


The report is divided into two parts.

Firstly, regarding the cotton chain products in China, she observed significant price fluctuations and a weakening of operating conditions due to decreased downstream demand during the off-season. This, combined with the potential for other fibers to substitute for cotton, has impacted the market. Import volumes of yarn have remained low, and the probability of further price differentials between domestic and foreign cotton, as well as a decrease in yarn loom utilization rates, should be monitored. Inventory levels are still accumulating, raising concerns in the supply chain and trade segments.

On the positive side, the cotton chain industry is experiencing both domestic and overseas transfers, with a focus on developing the supply chain. The listing of cotton yarn futures has enhanced market activity, and we anticipate changes in trading methods. The industry is undergoing integration, improving production efficiency through measures like intelligent workshops. The non-cottonization trend continues, while the overseas cotton spinning industry is gaining international competitiveness.

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