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Status quo of home textiles market and trend analysis of yarn consumption
——Lu Xiuli, Sunvim Group

2023-07-07 10:23:53

Lu Xiuli, from Sunvim Group, delivered her report Status quo of home textiles market and trend analysis of yarn consumption


The report is divided into three parts.

Firstly, Ms. Lu introduced the shares that China took up in US apparel and textile imports in recent years, the growth of US apparel and textile importing value and quantity, apparel and shoes consumption expenditure in the US, apparel retail sales and wholesales, and cotton textile and apparel import quantity of the US. Ms. Lu also elaborated the difference between China and US export markets.


Secondly, Ms. Lu introduced the status quo of European and Japanese markets, pointing out that China can take initiative to acquire more orders and explore the markets. We should strengthen offline communication, grab the opportunities of regional economic integration, more participant in Road and Belt initiative and RCEP framework, optimize product slate, and enrich the client groups.


Lastly, Ms. Lu, as the purchasing manager from Sunvim Group, put forward some matters needing attention in the purchasing, and give suggestions on operating mode for companies to avoid risk, and stabilize cost.

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