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Demand impetus to seasonal apparel orders and changes in purchasing patterns
——Sun Yong, Dishang Group Co., Ltd.

2023-07-07 10:23:17

Sun Yong, from Dishang Group, delivered his report Demand impetus to seasonal apparel orders and changes in purchasing patterns


His report is divided into four parts:

First of all, he introduced the basic situation of Dishang Group, with an annual sales of more than 18 billion yuan, which is one of the largest clothing export enterprises and professional tooling manufacturers in China. Dishang Group has more than 3000 design and trade service personnel, more than 70 self-built factories and more than 800 cooperative factories, has production bases in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Cambodia, and has established cooperative relations with more than 4000 fabric manufacturers around the world.

Secondly, Mr. Sun introduced the situation of clothing export orders in the first half of the 2023. The risk of global economic recession was intensified, the market demand in developed countries was weak, and the export pressure of China's textile and clothing foreign trade enterprises was still relatively large. Different media have expressed that the export orders of enterprises have generally dropped by 30%. The actual situation of Dishang Group was better than the industry average, and the overall order volume has declined, but the overall change was not significant.

Then, the price trend of cotton was analyzed from the point of view of demand and output.

Finally, he expressed the specific business model of Dishang, from product design, fabric customization, to the integrated service of garment manufacturing, and the production mode of clothing for domestic and export sales.

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