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New era, new market and new trade
!!Wei Siying, General manager, Fountain Set (Holdings) Highscene Limited

2019-06-14 15:09:28

Ms. Wei report is divided into three parts. 

1. New era. A new orientation of development was set on the 19th CPC National Congress on Oct 18 2017. The socialism with Chinese characteristics embraced for a new era. 

2. New market. Uncertainty increased due to escalating trade frictions and tariff barricades among the major countries. The export trade for main exporters were getting challenged due to the change in monetary policies. Global and China economic growth slowed down and consumption was lukewarm in China due to the China-US trade war. Under this circumstance, end-users in Europe and US adjusted purchasing strategy, turned conservative in placing orders, postponed order cycles, shortened the delivery period, and transferred orders from China to other Southeast Asian countries. Some end-users reduced the ratio of Made in China products to 15-25%. 

3. New trade. In the backdrop of capacity transferring, there were different modes of purchasing strategy, including buyer-oriented, purchasing cycle designing and strategic cooperation. The key to enhance a company¨s competitiveness is development and research jointly. 
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