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Profit comparison of new-type spinning investment and research on industry development
!!Mr. Jiang Li, General manager of spun yarn department, Rifa Textile Machinery

2019-06-14 14:23:54

Mr. Jiang Li's report is mainly divided into three parts: 
First, the concept, type and trend of new spinning. 
1. The biggest difference between the new spinning type and the traditional method is that the twisting and winding are separated; the classifications are mainly free spinning and non-free spinning. 
2. Development trend of new spinning process 
3. Spinning equipment input and output comparison 
After comprehensively comparing the process flow, basic technical parameters and yarn indexes of ring spinning, rotor spinning and vortex spinning, from the perspective of investment efficiency, air spinning is better than vortex spinning than ring spinning. 

Second, the market structure and potential of air spinning equipment. 
China is playing an increasingly important role in the manufacture and sale of global textile machinery. In 2018, China's textile machinery industry achieved a main business income of 91.169 billion yuan and total assets of 101.796 billion yuan. In 2018, the sales of rotor spinning machines was about 570,000, an increase of 18.8%. In 2018, the total import and export of textile machinery in China totaled 7.387 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 6.07%. 

In order to revitalize the development of China's textile industry and textile machinery industry, the state has issued a number of guiding policies, including high-end textile machinery manufacturing as a key area to encourage development. Under the guidance of national policies, the next wave of textile machinery innovation. 

Third, the vitality brought by the transformation of equipment to the textile industry. 
In the past few decades, China's textile industry has mainly been labor-intensive, and the industry is now shifting from labor-intensive to technology-intensive and management-intensive industries. We will vigorously promote the transformation, upgrading and long-term development of the textile industry by improving the production capacity of spinning equipment, reducing energy consumption and improving automation. Rifa has made innovations and improvements in the areas of clearing flowers, carding machines and rotor spinning. 
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