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Affected by global economic downturn, adjustment of China industry structure and China-US trade war, cotton textile market and the market players experienced significant change and the whole industry chain was impacted.

In 2018, cotton imports surged to 1574kt or 36.46% as soon as the cotton import quotas increased. In 2019, cotton import policies will continue to be adjusted, thus will cotton import volume increase further? How will cotton policies in China change and will the cotton price in China connect with international one?

On-call transactions of cotton futures turned more mature and active in 2018. In 2019, cotton options will be listed. What is the impact on cotton market and how to participate in?

Renminbi depreciated largely in 2018 with the largest decrement of 11.9%. Amid rising cost, imported cotton yarn traders suffered great losses. Even so, cotton yarn imports still approached 1.95 million tons or 4.3% higher than that in 2017. Where will imported cotton yarn go in 2019?
In 2018, more spinning capacities in Xinjiang was required to be shut down and the total capacity of cotton textile has approached original target at 20 million spindles. Xinjiang-origin yarn sources were preferred by weavers and traders, but in the meantime, it shocked inland cotton yarn market. How will it develop in 2019?

In 2018, state reserved cotton sales continued. Favored by cotton cost, cotton textile mills enjoyed good profit. However, in Mar 2019, the state reserved cotton sales did not proceed as expected. Thus, will the profit favored by cost appear again and in which way will it appear?

In 2018, trading volumes of cotton yarn futures increased and more factory warehouses participated in. In 2019, the rules of cotton yarn futures are improved further, and become more consistent with the characteristics of cotton yarn market. How much does cotton yarn futures market expand amid new rules and how should the market be operated?

In 2018, downstream consumption gained the most attention of the market. The contradiction existed between great data and bad feeling. What’s the actual appearance of downstream consumption? How will the terminal industry development trend and yarn procurement tempo change in 2019?
In 2018, China-US trade war broke out all round and kept escalated, impacting exchange rate, China economy and international trade significantly. In 2019, China-US negotiation on trade war continues. How much will the change in China-US relation affect textile and apparel market?

Besides, the capital and industry upgrading also won much attention. In 2019, the market situation and policy both change and opportunities and challenges coexist. For the hotspots abovementioned, CCFGroup will hold “2019 China Cotton Textile Forum (The 8th Imported Yarn Forum)” in Changzhou, Jiangsu on Jun 13-14, 2019, and we sincerely invite you to discuss the industry integration and explore the connection of spot and futures market with industry elite.

Meeting Matters


Registration: A.M. June 13, 2019
Forum: P.M. June 13- June 14, 2019
Exhibition: P.M. June 13-June 14, 2019


Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel (No. 88-1, Tongjiang Road (M.), Xinbei District, Changzhou, China)

Conference Fee

*USD 500/person

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed Room: RMB 500/person/day
King-size Room: RMB 500/person/day(The price is available during the conference, and the validity date is from Jun 12 to Jun 15)


Contact: Nicole Wang
Tel: +86-571-83786741/86- 15158039489
Fax: +86-571-83786600
E-mail: market@ccfgroup.com, wxq@ccfgroup.com

Cancellation and refund

A full refund will be available if written-form cancellation to us is done before June 3, 2019

Forum Agenda

(Note: topics are still updating and subject to changes)
Afternoon, Jun 13


Analysis on bulk commodity market operation and thought on trading of cotton industry chain futures ——Dr. Qiu Qinwei, Senior economist, Shenyin & Wanguo Futures


Exploration to cotton and cotton yarn purchasing strategy and participation in futures ——Lu Xiuli, Raw material manager,Sunvim Group


Tea break


Adjustment of cotton yarn futures rules ——Zu Li, Agricultural product department,Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange


Main points of production technology of benchmark cotton yarn for delivery ——Wang Kewei, Investment department,Weishi Textile


Interpretation on quality indicator requirements for cotton yarn futures warehouse receipt and test method ——Sun Fang, Senior engineer,Zhejiang Textile Testing & Research Institute

Evening, Jun 13

Specified invitation: cotton, yarn and fabric session ——Customers from the whole industry chain

Morning, Jun 14


China Macro Economy during Trade War and Deleveraging ——Dr. Xiao Lisheng,Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP),Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)


China cotton textile industry operation analysis in 2019 ——Ye Jianchun, Vice president,China Cotton Textile Association (CCTA)


Tea break


Global Cotton Supply and Demand Pattern Outlook and Hotspot Analysis ——Mr. James W.Johnson,USDA


China cotton supply and demand structure and price trend analysis ——Xia Shihui,CCFGroup

Afternoon, Jun 14


Profit comparison of new-type spinning investment and research on industry development ——Jiang Li, General manager of spun yarn department,Rifa Textile Machinery


Knitting market status and cotton yarn purchasing strategy ——Wei Siying, General manager,Fountain Set (Holdings) Highscene Limited


Tea break


New market pattern and forecast of cotton and cotton yarn industry chain ——Zheng Shengwei,CCFGroup


Round-table session: Interpretation and forecast of cotton-cotton yarn-grey fabric-printing and dyeing-apparel industry chain supply and demand ——Huafu Fashion (Sun Xiaoting), Huafang Group (Xiao Jingyao), Tongzhou Cotton (Wei Gangmin), Black Peony (Zhu Rongping), Fountain Set Highscene (Wei Siying), Sunvim Home Textile (Lu Xiuli)

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2019 China Cotton Textile Forum (The 8th Imported Yarn Forum)
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*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:500 yuan/person/day
King-size Room:500 yuan /person/day


Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (www.ccfgroup.com and www.tteb.com) will host “2019 Cotton Textile Forum (The 8th Imported Yarn Forum)” in Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel in Changzhou China during June 13-14, 2019.
Deadline: May 31, 2019
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Reception desk backdrop 1800 Size: 4m width × 2.8m height, exclusive
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Optional location: B03-B08
Conference proceedings (A4 color printed) Cover 1500 Self-designed size specifications: size: 21.6cm × 29.1cm resolution: 300dpi
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·Contact: Nicole Wang
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·Fax: +86-571-83786600
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